Hepatobiliary HoloMedicine® Masterclass

€ 550.00 EUR


In this masterclass, participants will explore how mixed reality is revolutionizing clinical research by providing immersive experiences for medical professionals, researchers, and students. Through a combination of virtual and augmented reality, mixed reality is transforming the way medical data is collected, analyzed, and visualized.

During the masterclass, participants will learn about the latest advances in mixed reality technology, including cutting-edge software and hardware tools. They will explore the use of mixed reality in a range of clinical research contexts, from surgical simulations to patient consultations and remote medical training.

Max Number of participants: 5
Language: English
Location: Virtual Surgical Room

Date: TBD, GMT+8
CME-points: 8


Dr. Yujia Gao
General Surgery, Organ Transplants Deputy, Undergraduate Medical Education Director, Singapore