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General questions
Are HoloMedicine® Masterclasses suitable for both beginners and experienced medical professionals?

HoloMedicine® Masterclasses are catered to learners at all levels. Beginners can develop foundational skills, while experienced professionals can refine their techniques, explore new approaches, and stay updated with the latest medical advancements.

What equipment is needed for HoloMedicine® Masterclasses?

It would require a VR headset, which you can rent or buy when booking a HoloMedicine® Masterclass along with the stable internet access.

Can I get CME points through HoloMedicine® Masterclasses?

Yes, most of HoloMedicine® Masterclasses offer CME points upon completion. You can easily view the precise number of points allocated per Masterclass while going through the booking process.

Do I need any prior experience with VR to participate in HoloMedicine® Masterclasses?

Not at all. Our VR medical training programs are designed to be accessible to all, regardless of your prior experience with virtual reality. Our user-friendly interfaces and guided tutorials ensure that even those new to VR can comfortably engage and benefit from the training.

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